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I’m not interested in an exclusive bonus.
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I’m not interested in an exclusive bonus.
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Titan Casino VIP Club

Titan Casino VIP Club

Be treated as great as royalty when you log-in to play your online casino games with Titan Casino’s VIP Club! Have the benefit of becoming some of the exclusive only members of our casino and get a five star treatment as you go about your gaming.

We invite all valued loyal players of our casino to be part of a select group of players to have all things better in your online casino gaming experience.

Our Casino Titan acknowledges all our loyal members and shows our appreciation by setting you above the rest with a VIP status and added perks and privileges. This loyalty is shown with the significant amounts of comp points that players have accumulated over the course of your time playing our casino games.

You will also be treated to an incredible VIP Level Welcome Bonus to increase your earnings instantly upon your membership.

Click here to register and start earning comp points now!

Although we find all our customers to be all important members of our establishment already equally, we have developed our Titan Casino VIP Club as an incentive for our players to have the opportunity to earn points to receive more benefits for your account.

As you go higher in rank, the level of exclusivity of the rewards that you are presented with gets even bigger and better.

Depending on the level each player has attained, you are going to receive:

  • Extra bonuses and special prizes customized to suit your best.
  • A personal account manager to handle your account needs for you.
  • Special tournaments and events for the elite
  • Faster withdrawal transactions of your winnings.
  • A higher limit for withdrawal.
  • A bigger comp point conversion rate

With all these perks only getting better the more you rise in our Titan Casino, there’s no end to all the rewards you could get the more you play our exciting online casino games. Stack up your comp points now and be a part of our VIP Club and take advantage of all our special offers!