Forgot Password

With all the things that go on around us in our everyday lives, it’s not uncommon to forget a few details. You may have encountered this particular instance when you tried to get in to our online casino and suddenly blanked and lost your password.

You don’t have to stress! Titan Casino is there to help you get on in playing your favorite online casino game in no time! We have the Titan Casino forgot password feature just for you.

When you get in to our casino website or your downloaded software, you encounter our prompt to ask for your username and password. Since you have forgotten your password, you just have to click on the link that says ‘Forgot your Password?’

This link will bring you to a page that requires you to fill in certain account details to make sure that you really are the owner of the account. This is one of our ways in ensuring that your account is in no way tampered with by other people.

Once you’ve entered in all the correct details, you will be sent a temporary password to your email address. Note that the email address that we’ll use is the one that you put in when you registered for your account.

You are now free to use your Titan Casino login, and use your account with the new password. However, for safety reasons, we ask each of our customers to change the temporary password that we’ve sent to a new more personalized password that you may remember more easily.

If you input a wrong password when you log in more than 5 times, your account will be suspended temporarily in order for us to avoid illegal tampering and possible fraud. If this does happen, our 24/7 support team is always available to assist you in reopening your account and resetting your password.

Click here to login to your account now, and enjoy all our amazing online casino games with no worries of a lost password.