Titan Casino Close Account

Delete Titan Casino Account

There are a lot of reasons why anyone would want to close their account with Titan Casino. One of the main reasons we have found out is due to responsible gambling. For this, we have the Titan Casino close account feature available for our players; although, we strongly urge you reconsider your decision as you miss out on a lot of our awesome Titan Casino bonus and casino games.

You can always practice being responsible in your gaming through all our different options in our responsible gambling page other than to delete your casino titan account. Although we advocate that each of our players should practice this, we have other solutions that you can go through so that you can still enjoy our online casino games.

We acknowledge that wagering online does not always yield the desired effect of vast winnings that everybody hopes for. And with every game, each player has to accept that lady luck is not always at their side when they wager. To this effect, those who do not see gaming this way has to assess their playing habits and see if this fun and exciting habit has turned into an addiction. Click here to see our guidelines.

If your playing has become an addiction you can call out 24/7 support team and have your account momentarily suspended or completely closed.

For those who cannot control you’re spending deleting your Titan Casino account may be the best way for you. All you have to do is contact our support team and they will disable your account for you immediately.

You can also choose to close you’re account for a set amount of time and not be able to access it in a week, a month or six months. After this duration, you are free to access your Casino Titan account again.

Whether you’d like to delete your account of suspend it momentarily, we will certainly be available to you anytime as long as you contact our support team and your issues will be resolved as soon as possible. You may reach us through email, and we can assure you that we will help you all the way.